Direct Home Rentals announces more listing photos

We have received a lot of great feedback in the past few months from both renters and landlords. The most common request has been for more listing photos.

Now you can upload more listing photos. We have increased the number of photo uploads on all listing packages. Click to see our listing packages.

Please take a moment to add your additional images to your rental listing. The best way to attract attention to your vacation rental is to show it off with photos – the more the better!

Rental Photo Suggestions:

  1. Start with the exterior – Curb Appeal is important. It also helps a renter distinguish the property type, like if it is a house or a condo.
  2. Proper Lighting – Make sure the photos aren’t too dark. Turn on lights to improve the lighting.
  3. Different Angles – Some times a room can’t be captured in just one photo. Use multiple photos from different perspectives for large rooms.
  4. Unique features – Distinguish your listing with photos of unique features and amenities.
  5. Too much detail – Don’t include images of every aspect of your home. You can leave out the photo of your toilet.


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