In the News: Direct Home Rentals launches rent-by-owner website

Published on Naples Daily News. You can view the story here:

Direct Home Rentals founder, Andrew Macdonald has nearly ten years’ experience in the Southwest Florida rental market. Andrew points out that early on in his rental career he realized that tenants preferred to search for rentals online.

Andrew tried to advertise rentals on free listing websites like Craigslist, but found it too cumbersome and time consuming. So, Andrew decided to create an alternative free rental listing website.

“The current rental market is pushing property managers and homeowners to work harder to find tenants. This makes room for a new rental website to arrive to offer free by owner rental listings. We are able to offer free rental listings with all of the features of the more expensive for rent by owner websites, without commissions or hidden fees.”

Andrew says is a “better” solution than Craigslist because it has a richer user interface that allows renters to easily search listings and view properties based on essentially the same criteria, such as city, guests, rental period and other factors. While it may share the same property details as Craigslist, displays it more organized and user-friendly. There is also a feature that allows renters to contact owners and property managers directly. is free to browse and to post rental listings. Since gets its listings directly from landlords and rental managers, it virtually eliminates fake or bait-and-switch ads that lure renters in under false pretenses in order to try to sell them on other properties. This is something Andrew believes this is one of the most frustrating aspects of many free rent by owner options like Craigslist, where he estimated as many as a third of the ads are bogus.

“I don’t want to suddenly start expanding to other regions of Florida without first mastering Southwest Florida,” admitted Andrew, whose primary goal is to establish as a “prominent player” in the Southwest Florida rental market over the next 16-24 months. That means becoming an essential tool for the property managers and landlords to use.”

“Craigslist lacks a user-friendly web experience.” points out Andrew. “We provide a clean user friendly interface for renters to find villas, condos and houses from Sarasota to Marco Island.”

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